Notice. Think. Feel. Act.

Seeking a future where every human being has within his reach, access to the basic needs of survival and sustenance.

About Us

Building a strong community is the cornerstone of who we are. At Mansons, we acknowledge that recognising and empathising with social, economic, and environmental challenges around us is the first step towards affecting any change. Strengthening our weakest links ensures that that change has a deep, and enduring impact. To achieve our mission, we work in disadvantaged regions with a view to deliver basic facilities to underprivileged sectors. By encouraging support through collaborative efforts, the Mansons Foundation works to build a stronger, better-connected society in a more meaningful way ensuring a healthier, safer, and inclusive tomorrow.

“We are deeply committed to contributing towards a better future.”

- Mrs.Sonal Khanduja


To provide basic, accessible healthcare and education to marginalised communities.


To identify our marginalised communities and their needs, to mobilise and optimise resources and to ensure that the resolutions applied are sustainable, longstanding practices is the underlying philosophy of The Mansons Foundation.